The nontrivial male name Uhl is called girl Maria when the moments come to share her musical finds. And these are always compositions that can make you move on the dance floor, but not by bombarding you with dry rhythmic patterns. Maria's sets add a new dance dimension to the assertive rhythms, offered by beautiful harmonic structure and thoughtful melodic lines that can be enjoyed even if you're not in the mood to dance.

At the first parties Maria attended back in 2007, she felt a passion for dance music and realized that she wanted to become part of this culture. She was especially influenced by the aesthetics of playing music from vinyl records. Thus began her journey into the fascinating world of electronic music, from which Maria shares her findings in her podcasts and on the dance floor.

She started playing in clubs in 2019 and has been actively developing her DJ career ever since. In 2022, Mariah joined Samovar, a new creative association, a series of events and musical talent agency.

Maria has plans to launch her own vinyl record label in the near future.