Nikita Steblin, an extraordinary artist from Rostov-on-Don, or, as he calls himself, the "electronic Russian" is no stranger to the global underground music scene. His hypnotic and wild track called "Oshibka 404" (Russian translation for an "error 404") rapidly made him famous outside Russia. His live project Symbol emerged from experiments around techno, house and breakbeat in 2015. The first vinyl releases very quickly went worldwide — to the hands of diggers of the unusual and original sound.

In the early releases, Nikita was weaving random dictaphone recordings into the rolling groove. From his first full-length album "Welcome to Nowhere" on, he started to add his own voice samples revealing thoughts on human relationships, friendship, loneliness. This resulted in creative highly dancefloor-oriented tracks — bold speech accompanied by dry techno percussion and breakbeats.

The vocal sketches shouted out to the crowds, and epic lives full of uncontrolled energy make his message truly universal. He is very well known across the whole of Russia, also performed in Berlin (Salon zur wilden Renate), Minsk, Baku, Kyiv, on Epizode (Vietnam) and Signal (Russia) festivals.

The owner of the self-titled label Symbol, as well as of the Kirillica label. Symbol released few digital albums, and his discography keeps growing. In 2019, the project developed into a live band consisting of two more prominent figures in the Russian music scene. These are Leonid Zatagin — guitar, ex-bassist of the globally known Tesla Boy pop trio and RSAC indie rock band, and Ivan Amelchenko — drums, actual drummer of Mujuce, Russia's one of the most innovative electronic musicians, as well as the former percussionist of the legendary
Pompeya band.