Tagir – a producer, a DJ, a member of Slowdance community. Performs and composes music in house, techno, electronic, experimental styles.
Tagir was born in Krasnodar in the family of jazz musicians, from his parents he inherited the taste for complex and non-standard forms of musical art. In his childhood he studied his father's musical instruments: guitars, synthesizers and drum machines, he developed his passion for electronics as well.
Having made the decision to entirely devote himself to music, he finds himself in Berlin, and burring himself in vinyl stores, plunges into the world of minimalistic sound of techno and house, which became the basis of his characteristic sound.
In 2015, having already acquired a vast experience, Tagir moved to Moscow and began cooperating with Moscow label Slowdance, where his first album "Tagir Sadyrbaev-Lf" was released. The release was quickly followed up by DJs around the world.