FINETUNE live concert
FINETUNE is the author's live project of a musician and an artist Michael Dop, also known as the founder of Slowdance label and community. Finetune is a multi-genre palette from experimental electronics and ambient to idm and house, where improvisation is invariably welcome. This is music of a masterfully transmitted spectrum of emotional states, magic of musical moments colliding in the Brownian movement, where Michael Dop only sets the motion vector, and then the stories begin to speak for themselves, one after another decrypting keys and ciphers. Poetic, profound lives are created with a live piano or a grand piano, a modular synthesizer, a vintage Korg Electribe ESX groove box, Roland Juno Alpha synth, live percussion instruments like a kalimba and a glucophone and the artist's own voice.

Michael Dop's alter ego as an artist resonates with Finetune's musical canvas - he painted all the vinyl envelopes of his second album 'Right Now' by hand, and each cover sequentially symbolizes one of the letters of the release name. "Release covers for me are a kind of connecting bridge between the musical and the visual parts, I see them as an independent art object and the result of performance," he said.

Externalizing phantasies from his imagination through many details, Michael Dop sees in any form of art a way to travel to another world – find yourself suddenly daydreaming, looking at a picture or listening to music.