Anushka quickly found her own style, thanks to perfectionism in music and love for vinyl. And after a couple of years, the approach to mixing and a gloomy, deep sound let her in on the Moscow underground scene as a resident of Arma17.
She plays in clubs and at festivals, tours in European cities. At the turntables she intuitively approaches communication with the public, in a laid-back and playful manner brightening the night up with a wide musical palette from techno to hip-hop.
Curious by nature, she entered the SAE Institute in Barcelona, where she received a degree in sound engineering. Practice in local studios has expanded the range of her sound and helped to approach music composing professionally. There, for the first time, the idea came up to create her own music label Animistic Aspects, dedicated to avant-garde and experimental music.
The result of her work is the sixth record with Slowdance. Anushka joined the artists of the Moscow community and performs
at the label parties.